27 November 2007

27th November 2007 - All clear

Today Jon had his 3 month checkup with the hospital...

He has been given the all clear still... the blood tests he has had have come back clear and his general health is doing fine, the doctor wasnt too concerned with Jon's lack of energy and tiredness, this will improve over the next 6 - 12 months.

He has another appointment to review things again in 10 weeks (Feb 08)

24th November 2007 - Goodbye Peter

Today Peter Tredray (my stepfather) passed away, I would like to pass on condolences from myself, Lizz and the boys to my mum Margaret.

He suffered from many illnesses over the past few years including lung disease and heart problems, and now his suffering has ended and he is at peace.

Our thoughts are with you mum.

31 October 2007

Halloween @ home

Grandad Pops grew pumpkins for the boys, I expected 2 small pumpkins.... but instead we got 2 big ones... took us over an hour to empty them and cut out the faces for the lanterns.

The end result...

We dont go out to trick or treat... have too many visitors wanting sweets so the boys help me out..

Not sure if Gemma was trying to join in with the dressing up... or hiding under her blanket (she spends most of the day dragging this around behind her)..

27 October 2007

20th - 26th October 2007

This week we were given a cottage on the grounds at Harcombe House in Devon.

The fire service run these centers for past and present firefighters to have Therapy,rest & recuperation.

Within a few minutes of arriving at the cottage, the boys had spotted a football goal, after an initial scramble of running for bedrooms deciding who had which (Jon won running to the main bedroom shouting it was HIS).

We spent some of the time visiting the local seasides, lovely to look at but much too cold to dip our toes in. The boys spent all the rest of their stay on the five a side football pitch (am so glad we packed a football!).

On the tuesday morning we got up early and met at the bootwash at 10am for a guided walk through some of the trails available to use. We were taught all about the local wildlife and scenery. Chris called it a 20 mile walk it was more like a 3 mile walk but we all enjoyed it.

In the evening on Tuesday the bar held a Halloween party for everyone, it was amazing to see how many children there actually were on the site. During the daytime we had only seen a couple of other children there must have been nearly 30 children in the hall. The kids played games including apple bobbing, hit the witch pinata (Chris managed to whack a lollipop out of it) and wrap the mummy (sorry no photo forgot to take the camera) they wrapped me up with 4 bandages, the fastest and tidiest mummy won, we didn't win but a lot of laughter took place. The boys had another go back at the cottage on each other.

Most of the holiday the boys spent playing football, the site also had a lovely private indoor pool, some days we even went swimming twice. The kids really enjoyed playing about with Jon and I, we played Tag and water polo and generally splashed about. In the evenings we tended to stay in the cottage playing family games on the playstation (even got Jon joining in a karaoke evening on it.) and sports on the Wii.

All too soon it was Friday and time to pack and come home, even Butterly the cat popped in to say goodbye to us.

We thoroughly enjoyed our weeks break and found out that the fire service have 3 of these centers around the country, they not only use them for rest & recuperation and therapy for fire fighters, serving and X-serving firefighters can also hire the cottages at a small fee to help fund the center, Jon and I both would recommend giving this a go. You can stay full board, half board, or like us self catering, the cottages have everything you need for a comfortable stay. (photo me in the kitchen, Jon did do some of the cooking too!)

We would like to thank the Fire Service Benevolent Fund for giving us this opportunity to spend a whole week together. We can now see were part of the donations given to the charity get well spent.

16 October 2007

16th October 2007

Laughed and Cried this evening...

Finally after many many weeks of trying I have finally lost a stone of weight... only three stone left to lose... (sorry dont use kg).

But tonight I thought I was going to miss my clap/cheer from all the other people at my slimming club, they had a curry night tonight, and as I cannot even stand the smell let alone trying to taste curry, so I went in early for my weigh in and didn't stay to class.. felt really strange not staying.

But while catching up on Hollyoaks on the TV this evening the phone rang and I was told my mum wanted a quick word, but it wasn't my mum on the phone (it was her phone though!) it was Suzanne from slimming world.. she said she had something for me... the next minute I heard a big cheer and clapping... I hadn't missed my cheer for losing a stone after all... it made me laugh and cry... daft lot... but THANK YOU... its taken so long to get to this point... I hope to lose at least another half a stone before Christmas to hopefully go down a dress size.

15 October 2007

13th October 2007- Party

Today we had a celebration party to say THANK YOU to all our family and friends who supported us throughout Jon's treatment.

It was just drinks and nibbles nothing special really, we hired a local leisure center for the event. The Herongate in Hungerford, it was perfect, relaxing comfy chairs and sofa's a lovely bar with great bar staff.

It wasn't just adults, kids were welcome too... they were a bit lively at the start but we had taken a TV/Video machine down with Mr Bean... with a bit of bribery of calm down and you can have a refill of sweets did the trick.

We didn't have entertainment, but we did watch England win their semi final rugby game on a big screen, some people played pool, but everyone I have spoken to enjoyed the evening and catching up with old friends and having a chat.

Another reason for the event was to raise some money for the nursing staff at the Adelaide Ward, a donation pot was left on the Bar, we were very pleased with the result but donation's are still being given to us at the moment,(so no total yet) also the local fire brigade were Jon works have asked to do a Car wash and donate some of the proceeds to the fund for the nurses too.

There still were people who were unable to attend, it was a bit short notice, so maybe we can catch those people and take them for a drink another time.

Thank you to everyone who did manage to come have a drink with us... all thats left to say is THANK YOU.

7 October 2007

7th October - Littlecote Dog Walk

After a quiet morning, still recovering from the kids party .... we went on a 30 mile hike with Dean, Tina & Holly with Oscar...

Gemma and Oscar tried many times to chase rabbits and pheasants but thankfully neither managed to catch anything..

OK maybe 30 miles was an exageration but it felt like it at the time!.. the weather stayed nice and the dogs and kids had a really good run...

Back home now both kids and Gemma are worn out... looking forward to the peaceful evening ahead.

Bit of a blur as they never actually stayed still long enough to photo them.

Finally they stay still but a tangle of heads n tails shows how thirsty they both got.

6 October 2007

5th October 2007


Today Chris is 9 years old... our little lad is growing up fast...

Never fun to have your birthday on a school day, but Chris had a good day and enjoyed sharing gingerbread men with all his class at the end of the day (meant to be a healthy snack or biscuit, and no sweets to pass to classmates not easy deciding what to take in.)

After School Chris had a couple of friends round for the afternoon then a sleepover, the whole evening has been based on Doctor Who.... everyone here today likes Doctor Who so made life easy...

They made Doctor Who masks... and played toys from the tv series... finally I found a small program on the BBC website that got the children to be the doctors assistant and help him on a mission lasts about 10 mins but they really enjoyed it. Its on the Doctor Who section of BBC website called attack of the Graske... I hope they make some more of them it was good fun watching them solve the puzzles.

After a final viewing of an episode of Doctor Who with bowls of popcorn, they finally went to bed... an hour later... eventually going to sleep...

All in all its been a fun day, I'm sure there will be some tired kids tomorrow from all the giggling that went on.

Hope they dont wake up too early tomorrow.... (fingers crossed)

10 September 2007

9th September - BBQ

After a celebration drink last night at our place with Dean and Tina and Holly the buck was passed to Deano and Tina, who put on one of their totally manic but great fun BBQ's, We took Gemma along too this time, she and Oscar are great together they just chased and chased, I know Gemma slept most of Monday to recover.

After the food, the boys played football, (at some points running around and rugby tackling each other), but a lot of laughter was had by all,

Us girls were much more civilized and just all went on the trampoline at the same time, again to the tune of a great deal of laughter.

It was fantastic to be having a fun day out as a family without any worries, without thinking Jon should be indoors, he shouldn't be playing football, he shouldn't be this or that... to see him and the boys chasing about together again is a dream come true.

Thanx Dean Tina for putting on a great spread of food, also thanx Scott and Holly for helping entertain the boys. Chris is already trying to work out the somersaults you tried to teach him.

Dean sent me about 40 photo's of the day, had I know a camera was about I would have done me hair :p

a few pics...

Gemma kept running off with the football

The boys posing for end of game photo

Gemma and Oscar proving they can sit still!

4 September 2007

4th September - A day to remember

Hello everyone... today is a day that Jon and I will remember for years...

We found out today that Jon is in Remission... his cancer and tumor have both totally gone and the last scan showed no abnormal cells at all..

This journey for now has come to an end.. I don't think we have stopped grinning and crying all day.

I would like to really really thank everyone involved in Jon's treatment and all the people who have supported Jon and myself throughout this journey, we could not have made it through on our own.

I'm pretty sure he had been put on over 20 prayer circles and lots and lots of people have prayed for his good health. (it worked ! )

We will be arranging at some point a BBQ/Party for people to come along and celebrate his good news. For now he needs to take it easy for at least the next 3 months and build his strength back up.

I will keep the website open, I have also made a paper copy of the blog to keep as a memento of our journey and the support you all gave us. I might even write on it again about future family events and days out.

Jon now just needs a blood test each month for two months and another blood test and consultation in November.

So if you have a glass (or cup of tea handy) raise a toast to say THANK YOU to all the staff at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, and to Jon himself on being so positive throughout his treatment... well done !!!!!

29 August 2007

29th August - Happy Birthday Jon

Happy Birthday Jon... your finally the same age as me again !!!!

I think I can write on behalf of Jon to say today has been fantastic, Jon's brother Steve arranged for us to visit "The KOP"..... Liverpool Football Stadium. We had a personal tour guide and shown around many locations of the stadium. We have many pictures taken and I will be making up a photo album at home to remember the day but I will post a few photos here for now.

Thank you so much Steve for driving us all the way to Anfield , and for arranging the whole day. It's certainly one we will all remember for years.

I would also like to thank the staff at Liverpool Football Club for making us feel so welcome and for the memorable day you gave our family.

27 August 2007

27th August - My blood

Have decided not to necessarily blog daily as sometimes not too much is happening... today though I felt pain....

But a good type of pain, with Jon receiving peoples blood via transfusions in hospital, the local blood collection was happening today in our town so I went along and donated, had forgotten how painful it is, (I mean the initial needle, am hopeless with needles) not that it lasts long, and I kept thinking to myself Jon has gone through 100% more and never once complained... I hope to give blood 3 times a year to help others in all sorts of situations as well as cancer sufferers like Jon.

25 August 2007

25th August

Were home... to a mess...

Well after a great holiday away at the caravan... the weather wasn't brilliant, but it did stay dry most of the time, just a bit cloudy, we had fun swimming and spending time with the kids, we also spent some days with Jon's mum, who lived close by, we played football and I taught the kids how to play Cludo.. used to enjoy that myself as a kid, not sure they fully understood the rules but we had a giggle. The weather started turning nice on the day we came home, so we took the kids to the beach.. I have gone my usual RED all over my back! but Jon and the boys have come out pretty unscathed! with the odd tiny red patch.

After a relaxing break it was very hard to come home to find a mess...

Am actually pretty choked up about it... the front of our house has been vandalized while we have been away...

Our front garden was a slate and rock garden.... didn't really get round to putting any plants in yet...

Most of the slate had been picked up and thrown into our porch... (my mum cleared this up on wednesday.. we didnt actually see this, she thought that was all that had happened and didnt want us to come home to find it.) So thank you mum, we are very greatful.

On closer inspection after arriving home... we found a plant pot on our porch roof... they had climbed up breaking off some of the wood of the porch in the process of climbing...

Our sensor light has been totally smashed and the wires pulled out...

Our side wall where we would normally park our car.. the wall has been knocked down but in a solid lump.. they have attempted to put the wall back but we can no longer park in our driveway incase the concrete wall falls onto our car... the contrete caps on the corner pillars has been hidden under the big pile of rocks they have moved into one pile.

The sky cable had been cut... so from Tues PM all sky programs on record have failed!

The caps on our side wall have been knocked off and smashed...

It feels so pointless to have to come home to such needless vandalism. I only wish we had a clue why or who... I will be asking around if anyone saw anything... the police have been informed.

17 August 2007

17th August - Taking a break

Hi all...

Been a busy day today packing and getting sorted for our short break, while away dad and his mate Mike will be working on our playroom roof to help stop the leaks, thankfully we talked one of our friends into house sitting while were away.

Had a nice surprise when we went to collect the key to the caravan from Chris's mum, he and Suzie arrived to pick up their dogs after camping for a week, was great to see you guys and tell you off for the gifts you had sent through the post to us !!!

I finally got to open all my gifts today, so a big thank you to everyone for all the lovely things you gave me for my birthday. Sorry the thank you is so late.... better late than never, the kids had made me lovely cards which I will treasure.

Well thats pretty much us signing off now... Jon's got a quick trip into the hospital with his dad tomorrow morning while I take the dog to the Kennels....

Back in a few days... take care everyone.

16th August

Today seemed such an ordinary day but...

HE'S HOME... !!!!!!!!!

Yup he has finally come home, its been such a long stint in hospital this time, it seemed never ending.

He still has to return to the hospital on Saturday for some more platelets and a blood test, but thats fine, shouldn't delay our trip away too much, a short break down near the coast is planned.

15 August 2007

14th & 15th August

Nothing much new to report for both days other than Jon's bloods have slowed down again, so today (Wed) they decided to give him more blood transfusions to help speed it up again, we really really need him home by the weekend so we can get away for a break, I think we all as a family need it. Fingers crossed the transfusion does the trick!

13 August 2007

13th August

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy Jons bloods are finally on the move... slowly but moving, he has been given some platelets today and he was down to have 1 unit of blood too but that hadnt arrived before I left the hospital the first or second time... yup took 2 attempts to get rid of me today had to call out the RAC for the car.

Thankfully a very VERY nice RAC man came to the rescue, I was locked out of my car as the keyfob no longer worked. He checked the battery and signal of the key and it was fine, so he ended up opening the car manually, and setting the alarm off which is why I hadn't tried just using the key. For some strange reason my car key had recoded itself and decided it didnt want to work with my car, he temporarily has fixed the problem but suggests I pop back to the garage to get it reset properly and maybe look into getting a spare key.

Anyway enough about problems, fantastic to see Jon eating a proper meal this eve, his first in over a week, the mouth ulcers are on the way out and are far less painful which is a great sign of recovery overall. Few days and fingers crossed he maybe home!

12 August 2007

12th August

Well another weekend flown by... time for me is going fast... Im sure its not so for Jon, I cant imagine really how it is to be confined to the one room for weeks, your doing fantastic.. keep going! soon be over.

Jon had his dad visit this morning, and I went in for the afternoon, the boys spent the afternoon watching football then going off with grandad pops for a game of football.

No change with Jon today, temp is pretty much back to normal, I didnt actually see a nurse today so unsure what his bloods have done overnight, hopefully I will catch the doctor tomorrow and find out, it must be on the way up as one of his mouth ulcers is alot less painful.

Ah yes.. 12th August.. special day for 2 people .. Happy Anniversary Dean and Tina...lucky weekend for weddings *grin*

11 August 2007

11th August - Lizz Birthday

Officially its my birthday today,(21 again for the 17th time) so thank you everyone who has sent cards and gifts, I am though putting my birthday on hold until Jon is home from hospital, so I will be unable to thank you for things until I open them.

Steve and Toni are popping in to see Jon this morning, and Im doing a bit of shopping with me mum, Alan is on duty with the kids, they are very excited about a day at the Marsh and an afternoon watching the local team play thier first football match for the season.

10 August 2007

10th August - Anniversary

We had hoped to celebrate this at home, but who cares as long as we still love each other and are together today will be special enough.

9 August 2007

9th August

Another quiet day today apart from Jon stirring up the nurses with a poster on his door,cant really say much more than that... its been a giggle today seeing thier reactions.

Jons bloodcount is starting to move but very very slowly so it is unlikely that he will be allowed out of his room tomorrow, we had hoped to escape out to a drive through burger king or mcdonalds as a romantic meal out... this isnt to be... such a shame...

We will celebrate our anniversary and my birthday next week once hes home!

8 August 2007

8th August

Brighter Jon today, his dad popped in this morning and I was around for the afternoon, he finally got his line taken out this afternoon and got another nagging from the nurse about trying to hide temperatures... am getting them all on my side! Bloods havent dropped anymore so maybe now they can start going up again.

Also mum's been a star and finally found a kennels that sound nice to take Gemma for our weeks break soon. We will go visit them next week to check them out.

7 August 2007

7th August

So close to the end... they talked about taking his line out soon as its not needed, and he goes and gets an infection in the line, see our nagging him because of the temperature was for good reason, They did plan to remove the line today but it needs a specialist nurse to do it and she wasn't available. So the plan is to remove it tomorrow.

He has already had a line inserted on his arm to take the anti biotic, and with paracetamol taken regularly the temperatures should be controlled, its been a bit of a blow as we had hoped to be bringing Jon home this end of the week, but everything has now been delayed, still hes in the best place and be good to get him back to full strength before coming home.

Again today he picked at his lunch so we ganged up on him again and got him to drink a strawberry build up drink (which I think he does actually like as its like milkshake). Hes been told to order double soup and soft puddings if thats all he can manage.

Had a worrying phone message this eve before leaving the hospital, most of the houses in our road haven't had electric today, I was a bit worried about the tropical fish tank as they are very sensitive to heat changes, but thankfully our house was one of the lucky ones that kept electric... fingers crossed it stays on.

6 August 2007

6th August

3 Visitors today...

This morning Jon's dad went in to visit and this afternoon I went in to visit, but just after 3pm Jon had another visitor John Ayres one of his station officers popped in, its great when John visits cause hes been a brilliant help to Jon and myself, hes been there every step of the way when we've needed help and support, Its very hard to imagine John as an officer to me hes just John(sorry), but I know my Jon has a lot of respect for him. Will try to remember the hello Sir next time hehehehee.

Now back to my Jon, hopefully that didn't confuse you too much, not much change in his blood levels and his hemoglobin is very low, so he will need a couple of blood transfusions again. Jon needs a good clip round the ear,he tried hiding a temperature from us, but team work from myself and the nurses worked it out and hes been started on some anti biotics and bloods taken for cultures to find out whats causing it. Jon there is no escape, we are watching YOU!!

5 August 2007

5th August

Busy day today for visitors, this morning Jon had his sister Sarah visit, then at lunchtime his other sister Kim came to visit with Karl.

Just to totally finish Jon off I turned up with mum and dad and the boys, we had gone out for lunch then all went up to the hospital for an hour, then mum and dad took the boys home for a few hours to give me some time with Jon.

Boys a message from Daddy : I loved the new poster you made me Chris the animals on it look fantastic, and Rob thank you for the football poster It looks great on the wall.

4 August 2007

4th August

What a beautiful day today, so nice to wake up to sunshine!

Jon had his dad visit this morning, and I went in for the afternoon, we spent a little time reading the paper and discussing Big Brother, then we had a try at a pc game we had a while ago Sherlock Holmes mystery.. but we got stuck and I had left the walkthrough at home so couldnt cheat. So we spent the afternoon watching Sat TV which isnt alot of good.

Jon has mouth ulcers again at the moment, so hes finding eating difficult, I took him in some straws, and Liquorice but I think he will save it until they clear up. His blood count had been rising but had dipped a little bit down again today, hopefully it will go back to rising again, I need him home by Friday, positive thinking is needed!

Picked up two tired boys from my parents, they have been swimming and playing football all afternoon, maybe they will sleep well tonight? or at least sleep in tomorrow morning it is afterall THE HOLIDAYS but they still rise at the crack of dawn.

3 August 2007

3rd August -

I took the boys in to see Jon today, he also asked for me to take in the Monopoly board game, I had a hunch that it would end in tears... well not tears but tantrums..

Its the Star Wars version of the game, and we taught the boys the rules we play by, playing the game slowly and helping them, things were going well until Jon decided to buy cities (hotels in the old game)... I was first to land on him and Rob thought it was hilarious that I had to sell settlements (houses) and give over most of my money, but I built it back up again, next he landed on Jons twice, by this point Chris was already out of money and spending most of his goes in Jail...Rob then lost all his money, houses and the plot... he got very cross.. the smugness of when I had handed over money was gone and the "not playing anymore" attitude arrived .. got to love kids and games!

Afterwards Arthur one of Jon's nurses came in and asked if either of the boys could be his helper, Rob said no thanks, but Chris offered to help, he got Chris to pinch the skin up on Jon's stomache so that Arthur could give an injection... apparently (cause I was looking away like Rob) Arthur said Chris watched the whole process with awe... he wanted to be an engineer when he grows up.. wonder if that will change to a doctor?

2 August 2007

2nd August

Alan had the boys for me today, and they told me they had a great time, he took them swimming in the whirly pool ( a local stream ) and then he took them out to lunch, I think they also managed to squeeze in some football.

Jon is full of mischief at the min, and tried to play a few Jokes on me moving a chair in the same direction I was trying to walk etc, hes so going to get a slap once hes better cant hit a poorly person!

We sat and watched the film "Click" I really enjoyed it, it had some very sad moments but there was also a lot of laughter too, we enjoy watching a good comedy together when at home, so its great to watch the DVD's on the laptop.

Time goes really quickly in the hospital for me anyway, after helping Jon with his model a bit, and a visit from the doctors who are really pleased with Jons progress and feel he can have a CT scan booked soon to see the progress of the treatment. It might not get done while were in Reading we may have to return another day for that, were just all looking forward to getting Jon home again soon.

The injections they are giving him to help his blood count go up is again giving him a pain in his upper back/neck area, but at the moment painkillers are dealing with it and Jon's doing really well.

1 August 2007

August 1st

Well finally a hot sunny day... maybe Chris was right summer was waiting for August... not sure though!

I haven't been in to hospital today, I had my hair done this morning, its now shorter and 4 lovely colours... Red, Purple, Blonde with a base brown colour. Sounds freaky but looks really cool.. Thanx Lorna for the great hair cut.

This afternoon I had my old college pal Liz Warner visit, was great to catch up its been far too many years since we sat giggling with a cup of tea. We have promised to not leave it years before getting in contact again, Thank you for driving up from Cheltenham Liz, Love to David and the girls.

Anyhows back to Jon, as far as I know from speaking to him today on the phone, he's had a good day, his dad popped in to see him this morning and he spent some time on his model this afternoon. He had another injection today so hopefully this means his counts can soon come back up.

Look forward to the promised hug tomorrow Jon (:p)

31 July 2007

31st July

Jon had his Sister and her daughter Ellie visit him this morning, as I had promised to help the holiday school club on a barge trip along our local canal, I wasn't sure if I would get in to see Jon today, but as he had left his all important "Sims2" disc in his pc at home and wanted it in hospital how could I refuse! lol

I took the boys up with me this afternoon to visit Jon, where we spent the afternoon watching sky sports news on all the football transfers (Why did I not pack my Harry Potter Book!)The boys think its great that my birthday is the day of Liverpool's first match of the season.. Robert even suggested would I like a football birthday party, with a football theme of us all dressing up in football kits and football balloons and watching the match on TV and ... well you get the picture, surprisingly my answer was NO THANX! nice thought though.. bless him.

The kids and I ate at the restaurant in the hospital this eve, Jon is unable to leave his room to join us but we went back up to his room to spend a bit more time with him before travelling home. Oh before I forget ,The kids and I went to the new sweet shop in town and they took the sweets into hospital to help keep them amused,We had such a giggle with the boys trying a sweet that we both ate as a child.. I think it was called moondust then... its still in a small pack and its called popping candy... they both were in fits of laughter as the tiny shards of sweet popped and crackled on their tongue, this new sweet shop in our town is certainly taking us on a trip down memory lane, alas they can no longer get Liquorice Pipes I don't think they make them anymore.

Cya Thursday Jon, am off to have my hair done tomorrow as a birthday pressie from my mum and my old college pal Liz is visiting for the afternoon. will call you tomorrow.

30 July 2007

30th July

Jon woke up today and he looked different took a couple of min's to work out... but his eyes had all puffed up in the night, they had been sore yesterday but didn't hurt this morning but just looked like he had been in a boxing ring but without bruises.

Took Jon back in the RBH today and the doctor said his eyes were still due to the fluid retention and to sit upright today and maybe sleep in a more upright position this eve. Today though Jon had a lumber puncture and chemo,and is meant to lay on his front or back for an hour afterwards, Jon for the last few min's led on his side, he now has one puffy eye and one not... (but its not as puffy as this morning very much reduced).

Hopefully after tonight his eyes should be back to normal, I think I had secretly hoped that Jon would be allowed back home today until his blood level had dropped but from the bloods taken this morning Jon is already neutropenic so he cant leave his room until his blood count had gone low enough then built back up. So now is the time if you visit to really make sure your free of any colds, sick bugs or been in contact with things such as Chicken pox etc.

29 July 2007

29th July

Quiet Sunday at home, nothing much to say really other than Jon didnt sleep at all last night so trying to type really quietly so I dont wake him now forgot to write earlier... sleep well everyone cya tomorrow.. downside tomorrow is back to RBH.

July 28th - Day 5

Hi.... wonderful day today, Jon's bloods finally clear of the chemo so he was allowed home, Steve and Toni had popped into the hospital on their way to the airport, so we managed a quick chat with them before we all got told that Jon could come home, I hadn't told the boys in case it didn't happen so they were really shocked when they got back from playing Tennis with grandad to find daddy sat having a cuppa.

Its great to see Jon so relaxed again, so different from in hospital this eve he's got the minx in him, he crept behind a door and scared me after I walked through... he might be ill but he was very close to a clip round the ear!

Planning on a quiet day tomorrow as he has to go back in on Monday for another Lumber puncture and prob to stay in for a 2 week period.

27 July 2007

27th July - Day 4

Hi everyone, Jon had to put up with just me today, the boys have been staying with Bob & Em and the gang today, and thankfully have behaved really well, got to see Tom's new car that hes saved up for himself, see working hard has its benefits, hope Bob got the new stereo in and working!

Jon was a little happier today, but still really bloated, but they are very confident that when the fluids stop being pumped in the fluid retention will stop, its happened in the past, but I guess we tend to forget what it was like. I know Jon's looking forward to a night without being woken up by the pumps making noises to say fluid bags need changing (myself I reminded him how many years I have had to put up with his fire brigade alerter waking me up, but we did chuckle that its maybe not quite the same!)

We sat and watched a movie together this afternoon, time passed really quickly, all to soon it was time for me to go, I guess we were both hoping that they would say he could come home today as in the past he got to come home for the weekend straight after Chemo but this time they started the chemo a day late so fingers crossed that his bloods results come back ok and he gets to come home tomorrow eve.

Yay.. Charley is out of the Big Brother house... we both had been voting, the text messages were flying between us this eve. (Jon and I, not with Charley). Simple things keep us amused in the evenings. What did people do before mobiles and texting?

26th July - Day 3

This morning Jon's dad popped in to see Jon early leaving me some time to sort a few bits out at the house, at some point I need to get Chris started on his holiday homework (THE ROMANS), maybe next week!

I dropped the boys off to spend today and tomorrow at Bob & Em's house, I must say its been really strange having the house all to myself, Ive spent a lot of time here when the boys are in bed, but its strange the complete silence of being alone, am very glad of Gemma's company even if it us just the noise of her going in and out of the cat flap to get attention now I'm upstairs. The boys took their Wii with them ,will have to find out who won at the bowling on the Wii, not sure anyone can beat Chris!

Jon wasn't Jon today (sorry I know you read this but trying to keep this blog acurate) but he didn't have his mojo, we both agreed it had gone today. Problem is he is very very bloated from all the fluids they have pumped into him to remove the chemo from his blood, but its making Jon uncomfortable and sleepy. They have increased some tablets to try to flush the fluids through, am really hoping they start working, was really hard to be there and feel so unable to actually help or do anything.

We did sneak off the ward to get Jon a chocolate bar that he fancied having, I don't think the doctor noticed we had been gone longer than a few mins (we had permission for a short walk). It's nice to escape sometimes even if you are dragging along 3 pumps on a trolly thingy that wants to go in a different direction than your walking.

I went to Aqua fit this evening, the guy worked us hard again, will ache lots tomorrow, was late leaving the pool as I did a few lengths before getting out so I missed the start of Big Brother (TV program) Jon and I enjoy sending texts while both watching the program about whats happening, can almost believe were sat watching it together at home that way.

Ooops an essay and its late was playing catch up on all the programs Ive taped from the past week.

25 July 2007

25th July - Day 2

Jon was visited this morning by Sarah and Ellie, thanks for popping in to see him, I know he enjoys other people visiting, gets a bit bored with me I think.

I did though visit him today and I took the boys, they managed 2 hours which I think is a record for them without squabbling. They were very keen to see thier dad, they each had made a get well poster for him, (I blue tacked it to the door in his room so as not to harm the paintwork on the walls). The boys and Jon played a few board games that I took in to keep them all busy. They also enjoyed the sweets and chocolates too.

Best of all though the boys loved the ride on Jon's NEW bed, today they took away his very old hospital bed and replaced it with a new electric bed, they are replacing all the beds in the hospital. Breaking all rules the boys led on the bed (shoes off though) and Jon spent 10 mins lifting up thier heads and feet at one point almost doubling them up, it was great fun to see them messing about.. just hope the nurses didnt look in as there was alot of laughter.Not sure who had the most fun Jon pressing all the different buttons on the remote or the kids whizzing about on the bed!

Have heard the rain tomorrow is going to be pretty bad, am hoping to still get in to see Jon so if anyone knows any ways to get the sun to shine over Berkshire please shout.

24 July 2007

24th July - Day 1

The doctor popped in to see Jon this morning, asked if he had any questions, we said no and he replied well it is your 3rd session you prob know more about it than me now .... the staff are great at putting you at ease, they are so positive its hard to be anything but positive yourself.

Jon started his steroids and first set of Chemotherapy drugs today, we had a quiet morning with me reading my new Harry Potter book (got to chapter 10) and Jon playing on his laptop, we chatted and joked but sometimes just being in the same room is enough without words. All too soon it was time for me to leave, the nurses asked me on my way out if Jon had been wandering into other rooms today!! they haven't seen the label I made for the door saying "Jon's Room". His dad popped in for a few hours this afternoon while I did the wonderful task of food shopping.

I went to pick up the kids from mums but they refused to come home as Grandad Pops had promised them a game of Tennis... as he was babysitting tonight anyway with diet club, mum and dad just kept the kids till it was time for us to come home.

The diet went well this week, again wish it was a bit quicker but am heading in the right direction to be in a smaller dress size for Christmas. I lost 1.5 lbs again this week.. bringing my total for 5 weeks to 8.5lb. Haven't really noticed a difference in clothes fitting differently yet.

Jon is very tired, its the early starts and the fact that the fluids go through the night and disturb him, but we know its only for a few days.

23 July 2007

23rd July

Back to hospital!

Jons back in the Royal Berks Hospital again, but he's moved rooms, he is now in room 2

His landline telephone number has also changed now so call Lizz or Phone Jon on his mobile to get the new number.

We got Jon settled into his new room, its slightly bigger than his last room, has a very modern exercise bike that has a fan on it (wishful thinking that it might get used). The fridge is also there too.

At 2.30 today Jon had another Lumber puncture, this went well, Jon always sleeps for the hour he has to lay flat after the procedure. I left today at 4pm as it hasnt stopped raining all day and with the stop over to pick up the kids from mum's I didnt want to end up being in too much water on the roads again!

Ps... Jon I'm off to make the sign for your room now to stop you making another mistake *wink*

22nd July

Lovely quiet day today, spent the morning packing and tidying up, we then went out to lunch at the Tuttipole only to be told that someone had paid our bill, we have idea who and I will be speaking to them! but many thanks for that gesture.

While Jon and I sorted out the fish tank after going to Newbury to collect new water for it, the kids played out on their bikes.

We took Gemma out for a walk then it was time for the boys film (a James Bond film), Nachos and Popcorn night, I wasn't invited, they planned to do this the night of my works party but it never happened and Sat we went out so they pleaded with Jon to let it happen last night. I don't mind too much am not totally into the Roger Moore, James Bond thing.

21 July 2007

21st July

Time is going so fast... only 1 day left at home for Jon till I take him back to hospital on Monday.... its been fantastic to have him home though. The kids have really enjoyed spending time with Jon today, he took them to play football and promises me he didn't actually play! The football pitch for kids is right next to the cricket pitch so they also sat and watched our local team play for a few runs and Jon explained the rules..Rob was understanding them but at the end Chris said "so its just like baseball" not sure how Jon replied.

Would like to take a moment to congratulate Chris and Lin (One of the firefighters at Jon's local station) on their wedding today, best wishes to you both for the future,am glad the rain held off for your trip to the church. We went to the evening reception, They had a disco and a live singer, who was very good. It was really nice to spend a night out and forget that things are any different, the only main difference to me was Jon didn't get up for any dancing, but Tina and Holly kept me company on the dance floor.(Leaving Jon and Dean to the drinking).

20 July 2007

20th July - Wash out

We have had a hell of a day, now as the news reader on the radio told us all afternoon Reading has had 86 mm of rain in half a day. its been awful.

We went to hospital this morning and the rain storms to drive through were awful but we got there safely... for the 5 min's blood test... we then decided (thankfully) to have a quick bite to eat before setting off home.

The journey home normally takes about 45 min's today it took us 4 and a half hours. I have never been so scared in my life, we chose the A4 over the M4 as on the radio it said the M4 had a mud slide and conditions were really poor... well the A4 was just as bad, at one point we drove through water that was past the bottom of the car door with 2 lots of traffic trying to use the center of the road, the waves from cars coming past and the fire engine that passed us was rocking the car... am just so glad to get home.

Ive just heard that my Auntie Roz and Uncle Barry's house in Thatcham has 2 foot of water downstairs, I really wish them all the best with further forcast of rain due tonight.

Our works staff party has been cancelled its a shame but its for the best as it was not local, and meant a journey on a coach. Didn't get to say goodbye to the staff at school being held up in traffic jams, hope you all have a wonderful holiday and see you next term.

19th July

Nothing much happened today, other than Aqua Aerobics was tooooo hard and I will ache tomorrow. (Didnt post on the 19th as a bad storm meant we turned the pc's off for the eve)

18 July 2007

18th July - Police Chase

This morning started off with me at work and Jon at home with Sarah and Enzo visiting, not sure who was worn out more Gemma or Enzo?

After lunch with a quick visit from mum to bring Jon a Lardie Cake (soooooooooooooo not fair as I cant eat any of it!). The afternoon went by uneventful.

We decided that tonight being one of the only free nights we would go to the Cinema in Swindon, we booked a nice early time at the old Shaw Ridge Cinema and went to see Shrek the third with the kids, was great as the car park was pretty empty and there were only about 6 other people in the Cinema watching the film (have to say its not as funny as Shrek 2).

We then spent a few hours in Pizza hut ( I only had a salad... the smell of pizza was soooooooo yummy but I did well). I must admit the service was really slow, took over an hour for our food to arrive but was worth it when it came along, kids really enjoyed it.

But..... the journey home wasn't so good, Jon was on the phone to his brother while I drove through Swindon, we were in old town just going over a mini roundabout and this white car came from my left at top speed,and a screeching of wheels and I'm still not sure how it missed us, I then carried on across the roundabout as I had been halfway across, next thing is a police car races past the back of our car.. blue lights were on but no warning Siren, It was really scary, someone was looking over us tonight because I'm still not sure how the car didn't smash into Jon's side of the car. I think I've finally stopped shaking now... Rob thanked me for saving them, Chris said "Oh well at least the hospital wasn't far away if we needed to go there".. got to love him.

Off now for a very strong cup of tea. Keep safe everyone.

17 July 2007

17th July

Not a lot happened today, quiet morning, followed by a quick shopping trip in the afternoon, Jon realized that he may still be in hospital when its my birthday so wanted to get me something now to open on the day, I did say that him getting better would be prezzie enough, but the kids do enjoy watching gifts being opened so will look forward to the surprise.

Also treated myself to a new swimming costume ready for Thursdays Aqua Aerobics, needed a safer costume, is all i'm going to say! for this weeks lesson.

Diet news.... lost a further 1 lb today bringing me up to 7.5 lbs lost so far. (wish it was a bit quicker but I guess slow and steady is fair enough).

16 July 2007

16th July

With no phone call from the hospital last night we thought we had got away with it, but about 3/4 of an hour after I arrived at work, Jon called to say the hospital needed him back in for another blood test. I feel like a part timer at work... off we go back to Reading again.

Still was worth it, they don't think Jon will need a blood transfusion till the end of the week. So we might now have a few days at home.

Jon got to put the kids to bed this eve, as I went pottery painting with the girls from work, its so relaxing. Hopefully the mug will turn out ok.

Quiet day planned tomorrow, just a few friends coming round tomorrow eve, after slimming world.

15 July 2007

15th July

Hi a quiet day today, I spent the morning asleep, the kids and Jon slept in a little bit but then watched TV till I decided to rise.

We went to the hospital (hopefully fingers crossed) for Jon's last injection, they haven't phoned this eve to tell us to go back tomorrow, so we maybe have until Fri at home.

Spent the afternoon sorting out Rob's Bedroom and bookshelves, got lots of books to hand in to the school for in the classrooms.

Attacked the boys with the clippers today, both look a little smarter, but not sure they like being shaved short, they like to have spikey hair like Riise. Risse.. oh I cant spell it .. that Liverpool player they like lots. But they looked so scruffy something needed doing!

14 July 2007

14th July

Late night... late blog...

Busy day today, Jon went off to the hospital with his dad today to give me a break from driving and some time to do the housework. He had an injection and bloods taken again.

This eve we went to watch the carnival with Steve and Toni, it was ok, nowhere near as good as it used to be years ago, but there were a few more floats than last year. Lots of people turn out to it though so hopefully alot of money raised.

After the carnival we walked (yes walked ... unusual for me) back to Steve and Toni's and had one of his yummy BBQ's. The diet went to pot with Toni's Strawberry Flan.. had 2 slices!

The boys ended up watching a James Bond DVD and with Jon and Steve sitting down with them, today we watched it to the end. (Toni and I were far too busy playing with nintendo DS games to watch TV). Hence not getting home till nearly midnight. Thanks both of you for putting up with us yet again, feeding and entertaining us, The kids want to come over again real soon, but hopefully you will get a few weeks break again until we return.

Grrrrr got back home to a phone message from the hospital Jons blood level is 4.5 it needs to be at 5 to end the injections.. so back to hospital again tomorrow.

13 July 2007

13th July

ohhhhhhhhhhh Friday 13th...

Well all been good here so far..

Took Jon to the hospital lunchtime for his injection and they flushed his lines and took the stitches out of his hickman line. We got home just in time to pick Chris up from school (Report Day)... his report was very good, Rob had his last week and his was pretty good too, so they got a DVD of the 2007 Liverpool Season as a reward.

This afternoon Jon's Mum and sister Kim popped round for a while, was the first time I had seen Margaret since her operation and shes doing fantastically well.

We then took the kids out for tea.. well no we got tea out and brought it home as being on the diet I didn't really want to eat it so cooked my own tea. Jon when in hospital asked for his first meal home to be a KFC, (not sure what that says about my cooking!) we were unable to go out last night but he got his wish this eve.

Feeling full up we took the kids across the common to the local fair thats on this weekend, the kids won 2 inflatable aliens.

All in all a fun day had by us all.. hospital phoned Jon's blood result still not quite high enough so we have to go back tomorrow for another Jab. (Jon not me).

12 July 2007

12th July - Home .... ish !

Well its been a day of waiting for the Doctor but finally they decided Jon could come home today as long as he goes in daily for the next few days for an injection and blood tests, once his blood reaches a certain level he wont need to go back in for a week.

The doctor also gave Jon a timetable of his next treatment:

Fri 13th/Sat 14th/Sun 15th Injection/Bloodtests then back home

Mon 16th - Thur 19th Home for a rest

Fri 20th - Hospital for Bloodtests and re-dress Line and flush the line then home

Sat 21/22nd - Home for rest

Mon 23rd Lumber puncture/Chemo Stay in

Tues 24th - Session 3 of Chemotherapy starts.

After this treatment Jon will be scanned and they hope that no further treatment will be needed so even though this seems quick after the last session of chemo the end is in sight!

11 July 2007

11th July

Wow who is that person in Jon's room.... oh its Jon!!! hes looking fantastic... his blood count is on the way up.

Mum and Kim visited again, one of the doctors joked and asked if they had stayed all night, its been great for Jon to spend time with his mum. She too is making a speedy recovery from her operation (But dont overdo it mum!).

I finally got one of the nurses to agree to a photo, they have all been fantastic, she was just giving Jon's lines a flush and some antibiotics for the infection on his foot.

Also the model is coming along well now... here's a sneak preview, he's concentrating hard on making it.

Oh and finally watch this space tomorrow for hopefully some great news!

10th July

I didnt visit Jon today, but I know his mum and sister Kim did go in for the morning, from the phonecall I had with Jon he said he had enjoyed their visit.

Nothing to report medically other than one mouth ulcer has cleared up, hopefully the others will clear up soon too.

Apparently lots got done to the model yesterday, maybe I will take the camera in tomorrow and take a photo of the progress so far.

Diet Club result: 1.5 lbs bringing the total to 6.5 ( bit slow but its getting there .5 left and half a stone has gone).

9 July 2007

9th July

Well after yesterday I wasnt sure what to expect when I saw Jon today, he was alot better than when I left him last night.

I can finally report that Jon is free of the headaches and the ache in his neck has gone too, he does though have a few really nasty mouth ulcers which wont clear up until his immune system lifts a bit.

The model is really coming along, I was even allowed to do part of it while they gave Jon some plateletts. He will only be needing one lot so things should start improving real soon, and make things alot more comfortable for Jon.

Fingers crossed his mum and Kim come in tomorrow, his mum has just had an operation last week but is doing so well shes popping in to see Jon in the morning.

See you on Wednesday Jon, will phone you lots tomorrow xxxx

8 July 2007

8th July

After a good start this morning, with visits from myself and Nick (Ben fund rep) Jon seemed in good spirits, his dad visited him after lunch for a few hours.

Ive since called Jon and his temperature has started rising, and he is feeling cold and shaky, he did have this last time so it maybe something that passes soon, I hope so.

Still no news as to whether his blood count has finally dropped enough to start fighting back. It was still on its way down.

Missing you lots Jon see you tomorrow xx

7 July 2007

7th July

Busy day for visitors today, Alan and Steve popped in this morning, then Mo, Bob & Uncle Bob went just after lunch, I then arrived with the boys. Mum and co went off for a cuppa and left Jon and I with the boys.

We set them a challenge of popping all the bubbles of bubble wrap that Jon's model had arrived in, After failing to stamp on it and sit on it, Rob got very frustrated and didn't want to try, Chris slowly and methodically popped each bubble in turn. After seeing Chris getting somewhere Rob continued, eventually we decided they had done enough to earn their magazine and microstar box. They still really then just sat and watched TV.. nothing changes.

Mum and Dad then took the boys home with them which gave me a little time on my own with Jon. He looked brighter today but still has a very stiff neck and a headache. Wish there was more I could do to take away the pain! The model has been started, hes spent less time on the laptop today.. fingers crossed the model helps relieve the boredom.

6 July 2007

6th July

A much brighter Jon greeted me today, he has got a very painful mouth ulcer, but the headaches seem to be controlable with the painkillers and they are now keeping on top of them.

When I first arrived, I handed him a gift, I have got him a model to build.. hopefully I will take some photos of the progress and a finished result! But alas in my wisdom I forgot to bring along his craft knife so he couldn't start it today, (have sent the knife and a tray in with Alan to take tomorrow morning).

We spent most of the time doing crossword puzzled, Jon was filling them in, its to help his writing, which I must say is really improving, he still feels it takes him a long time to write but at least the letters are taller than 3mm and are readable.

Oh, we have threatend to do this for ages but Jon decided it was time to find out how fit I am, He has a blood pressure and pulse monitor by his bed, the nurses turn it on to check his a few times a day, we sort of borrowed it, kinda shocked him because my pulse is lower than his, its the steriods, they speeded his pulse up last time, but even though he said I had a fantastic pulse... I didnt tell him I was holding my breath.(shhh)

Will be taking the kids in to annoy him, I mean visit him tomorrow afternoon, hopefully mum and dad will pop in and rescue us and take the kids home for a while. There is only so long you can keep them quiet in a small room with not alot to do in.
We do though have a challenge for them come back tomorrow to find out what it was.

PS - His blood count and platelet count is still dropping so only visit if your really fit and healthy please.

5 July 2007

5th July

Another horrible day... for me I mean, didnt get in to see Jon again today, I really dont like not popping in and annoying him!

Spoken with Jon on the phone today, he's had a headache most of today again, but the painkillers are easing it a little, but the Laptop is definatly making it worse at the moment. So he's back to daytime TV.

John Ayres popped in to see him today, and my dad and uncle popped in to drop some clothes off and stayed for a little bit.

Jon seemed a little chattier on the phone this eve, hopefully things will improve over the next few days. Nearly another week done Jon.

4 July 2007

4th July

Well Jon is doing well so far... but... hes like a caged animal when I visited this afternoon, not sure what he was like when Sarah and Megan popped in for a while this morning, but he was pacing about and walking to the door, he doesn't like being kept in the room this time. Seems very impatient, but hopefully this time will go really quickly for him.

He has had headaches again today, and has found sitting at the laptop is making them worse and watching tv, I do hope these can calm down for him very soon. So just phonecalls this eve, no webcam chats.

He's now on his second bag of blood for the day, hopefully this will help the count to go up again.

I am unable to visit tomorrow as Im on a course for work , but I know one of his workmates is popping in for the morning, and my dad and uncle Bob will pop in and drop off some clothes in the afternoon , (I left them behind today).

Hope you have a better day tomorrow Jon, Love you lots.

"Oh and for all our peeps across the pond.. Happy 4th July ....Independence Day"

3rd July

No visitors today, bit of a shame, but Jon had a quiet day, I worked in the morning and spent the afternoon getting the car fixed. It was nice to be home to chase Rob up with his homework.

Jon had a headache and his neck was hurting again too, which made watching TV or being on the laptop uncomfortable.

2 July 2007

2nd July - Day 8

Just a quick note from Jon's room

They have just taken bloods to check Jon's levels and said he may have been able to come home daily and return each day for more blood tests until his levels reach a certain point. Jon has decided to stay in hospital rather than keep travelling home, (not sure if its my driving thats put him off). So will edit this diary entry later when I get back home.

Back again...

Well after setting up the pc this end, Rob was first to spy Jon on the webcam and chat to him over teamspeak, Jon's dad was still here at the time, as he had been looking after the kids till I got home, He then had a chat to Jon, I think he found it all a bit amazing but he soon got the hang of pressing a button on the keyboard to talk, but said he prefered the phone. Chris got a go, he did actually chat to Jon more over the teamspeak than he does normally on the phone, but it still mainly consisted of nods and yes and no. Our webcam is really old and blurry so need to get it working better, Jon's image is crystal clear, our end is awful. It will be great for the kids to be able to see Jon daily over msn.

I hadnt heard the results of the bloodtests when I got home, but Jon did have another lumberpuncture while I was there.

I prob wont be visiting tomorrow as I need to spend some time at work catching up on some tasks, and the car needs some sorting out at the garage. I also think Jon needs a day away from my nagging him constantly.

1 July 2007

1st July - Day 7

Been a mixed day today, showers and sunshine, the boys spent the morning practicing on the Wii ready to challenge Grandma and Grandad Pops to bowling.... not sure how hes doing it but Chris is now at Pro level and gets a strike nearly every time!

Had a lovely Sunday lunch with my parents, (Mum and I tried Quorn sausages, my opinion is that they taste similar to stuffing, so edible), the rest had roast chicken and veg,Mum and I also made a huge fruit salad, cost a fortune but it was fantastic.

Jon didn't go to bed at all yesterday evening, he did try but the steroids are keeping him up, he has called the hospital and they suggested another tablet he has to be a little more sleepy, lets hope it works, toast n marmite at 2.30am is fun once... but not regularly. So Jon's been pretty tired all day but haven't let him sleep. (his request).

The afternoon was spent playing on the Wii, with the boys beating us at every game we all played... they haven't had much practice other than this morning though, note to self, 30 min's exercise/practice on the Wii daily.

The weekend has gone by really quickly was a lovely surprise for Jon to come home for the weekend, I will be taking him back in for a blood test tomorrow, he will most likely be staying in then, but they may give him another few days at home first. Watch this space for news.

30 June 2007

30th June - Day 6

What a wonderful quiet day today...

The kids went off excited with Uncle Steve and Auntie Toni... leaving Jon and I to watch TV and relax. We even went out for a pub lunch in town. Was great to have time alone together without being stuck in the hospital room.

Alan popped round for a few hours in the afternoon, were very lucky he lives so close by and can stop by anytime, Jon always likes spending time with his dad.

After Doctor who.. the final chapter.. wow what a finale today eh.... the.. oh won't spoil it in case people haven't seen it yet. The boys returned home. They have had a fantastic day, a muddy walk over the marsh, played some board games and then went bowling and to McDonalds. They were still full of energy when they got home though, wish I had half their energy.

While I left Jon and the boys bowling on the Wii, I gave into Gemma who has been whimpering by my feet most of the day, its been either pouring or drizzling with rain all day, but we both put our coats on and braved the rain, felt kinda good to get out and do some exercise... I still think its Gemma who takes me for the walk!

29 June 2007

29th June - Day 5 - Surprise!

Hi... Jon here......

Well here I am at home which was a supprise to me today. The Doctor said this morning that if my blood count wasn't too low then I could come home for the weekend, so here I am.

Lizz brought me home tonight in our new car which was nice, apart from the air-con not working. GRRRRR to Gowrings. It will be nice to have a few days at home with peace and quiet, and not having nurses waking me up every four hours to change my fluids.

Well I thought it would be different if I did my blog tonight and give Lizz a break from it. Hope your all well and thankyou for your kind words of support that you have been giving me.

All my love and best wishes to you all


28 June 2007

28th June - Day 4 - New Car & Online

Yay.... finally the new car arrived, I drove it to the hospital today and got Jon to look out the window took him a few min's to realize I was stood next to the new car rather than the old red estate. (see he only has eyes for me hahahaha) I only stalled it once too which for me is an achievement with a new car.

Took the kids to visit Jon this eve, was lovely to all spend some time together, I think we tired Jon out a bit, but to see him and the boys smiling was great.

Bob... I cant begin to thank you enough... Jon is now ONLINE from his room.... we have borrowed a pc card for the laptop, from Bob for the couple of weeks Jon has left in hospital, by tomorrow I will have him set up on MSN, he can already jump on Teamspeak, and view any web pages, forums and blogs. He will also be able to access his hotmail email if you want to send personal messages or jokes. It will make keeping in contact with the children via the headset and teamspeak totally free and as long as Jon's online, and wants to talk, they can talk anytime for as long as they like. Again Bob & Emma thank you for lending this to us.

27 June 2007

27th June - Day 3

Jon's finished the chemo and steroids again for this session, now its a case of letting the drugs do their job. He has been struggling to sit up today for too long as it sends pains down his neck, but this maybe due to fluid retention and its being monitored, normal pain killers didn't do much good earlier today, but late afternoon he was given stronger ones and they dimmed the pain a little more.

Jon seemed a bit lower today with the fact he was unable to move about so much, didn't stop him sitting up and eating some of the Lardy cake my mum had got him, I treated the nurses/doctors to cakes today too, nice to thank them mid treatment as well as on the days we leave.

I managed to not have any cake... was soooooooooooooooo difficult but I stuck to the pack of strawberries and pineapple that I took in. (not the same!)

Thanks for popping in on your way home today Bob, was great to see you, also big thanks for the gadget for the laptop you've given us, will hopefully make things a lot easier.

26 June 2007

26th June - Day 2

I went to visit Jon today as his mum was unable to visit at the last moment, hopefully Jons cold will clear up soon so you can come visit. We both understand it would have been difficult.

Jons a bit brighter today, I think yesterday I got the after affects of the lumber puncture and he wasnt so chatty, today we got to talk a bit and went for a wander to the day room so Jon could read the blog and tag forum.

The dreaded headache's are back, hopefully they will be able to give Jon something stronger to help relieve the headaches, they were going to be giving him extra fluid this eve so maybe that will help too.... only problem is the fluid only lasts for 4 hours so this means disturbed nights sleep at 1am and then up at 5am... be prepared for a very tired Jon, for those who visit over the next few days.

Oh, and my news - its Tuesday night... weigh in night... I won "SLIMMER OF THE WEEK" (a box of fruit and tins that people add to a session and the winner takes home weekly).. sorry had to shout that out... have lost another 2lb this week bringing my total to 5lb... cant say Im finding it easy am missing chocolate and crisps but I know the end result is worth it!

25 June 2007

25th June - Day 1

Well it was an early start for Jon today, it was left to the night staff to tell Jon his wakeup call was at 5am to have his Steriod's attatched that needed to run for 12 hours, he also had some Chemo this morning.

Alan popped in this morning, dropping off the "said" items of clothes that Jon forgot to pack, and I went in for the afternoon.

Just after I arrived they did a lumber puncture on Jon, giving him some more Chemo at the base of his spine, he then has to lay on his stomache for an hour... (saved me from the snores ). He didnt find it painful today but after a few hours his back has started to ache and he feels really tired. Think he will have an early night as its a 5am start again tomorrow.

24 June 2007

24th June - Back to Hospital

Back in...

After a day of packing and sorting bits out, we went out for lunch with Alan, and all too soon the time came to go back to hospital.

We took the boys with us so they could remember where daddy is staying, thankfully they have Jon back in the same room that he was in for the final 2 weeks last session (Room 5). So his telephone number to ring direct to the room has stayed the same. (or call his mobile).

Thanx everyone for the support we have had so far... here goes for the next session!

23 June 2007

23rd June

Jon's cold hasn't got worse which is great news, hes still very snuffly but the temp has stayed down all day today.

After a morning on the pc, Steve and Jon's Dad visited for the afternoon, for a cuppa and chat.

I finally got to take Gemma out for a long walk this eve, she really doesn't like the rain, its been such grotty weather for the past couple of days, but I needed to post a letter for Jon so slipped out in between rain showers.

Final day home tomorrow for a while, prob going to spend morning with the kids, pop out for lunch, pack Jon's bits up in the afternoon to take him in early eve tomorrow with the boys.

22 June 2007

22nd June

Grrrrr Jon has a cold, for all our efforts to stay away from bugs, hes got himself a streaming cold, I guess with his immune system down slightly it was going to be hard not to. Am pushing drinks into him all the time and checking his temperature isn't going too high, or I need to take him into hospital. (we phoned to check what to do)

We unfortunatly decided with Jon's cold not to attend the party for Gavin and Fiona, sorry guys but it was just too risky. Hope you had a wonderful wedding party. Best wishes from both of us for your future together.

21 June 2007

21st June

This week is going way too fast...

Had another trip to the hospital today, Jon had a Hickman line put back in, he was sedated while they put it in, they have put a slightly different one in to last time, It has a thicker tube to it, fingers crossed this one will work better.

He's pretty tired now, we got home at about 4.30pm was a long day, but the nurses were great and realized Jon had been starved pre treatment so made him a big plate of Toast with a mug of tea. (They offered me the same but the diet made me say no ). I think we are both nervous of this new line but the Pic line just wouldnt be "man" enough to get all the chemo into Jon within the time limit, he now has the 3 lines back, but no beads at the end more like taps.

20 June 2007

20th June

A lovely quiet lazy day today, had an appointment with local doctor this morning just to update him on the progress, a walk down the market and a quick shop for some food.

In the afternoon Sarah popped round for a while, was good to see you Sarah cheers.

This eve we walked Rob down to young firefighters much to his disgust... "why cant we drive?"... cause were keeping fit!!

Oh yeah forgot to mention yesterday 3lb lost this week for me, the diet goes on....

19 June 2007

19th June

Just a quick early note to say the appointment with the consultant has gone well, the hospital are pleased with Jon's progress and how well he coped with the ida-RAM chemotherapy, its a very intense treament and they feel considering he had the infection in his line he has coped remarkably. The consultant congratulated Jon on how well he looks now and informed us the hospital has decided to continue with another course of ida-RAM which may then be followed up by some Radiotherapy or some more chemotherapy.

He will also have another Bone Marrow Biopsy with some chemo drugs being put into the base of the spine, as a precaution to stop the cancer spreading.

All in all a very happy visit to the hospital, we cant thank them enough for the speed of the treatment and how well weve been looked after.

18 June 2007

18th June

Nothing much new to report today, I went into work for a while and Jon secretly practiced on the Wii, (I could tell as the controller had moved!).

This eve Jon had two visitors, first his best mate Chris and daughter Chloe popped round, Then later in the eve Jerry Allen popped in, hes a ADO at Newbury Fire station, at last someone liked one of my cups of tea, I must be improving, thank you Jerry for the compliment, Jon says I'm hopeless at making tea. I drink herbal tea so I forget how much milk to put in normal stuff. Thanks both of you for visiting.

Its great that people take time out to come up and visit Jon, its not so easy to go out too much with Jon trying to stay clear of infections, and just the company of me and the kids will turn him stir crazy.

We will be out tomorrow though.. Hospital appointment to see the consultant for results of the treatment so far and whats going to happen next. Its worth just giving a quick ring to check were in if you want to pop up.

17 June 2007

17th June - Fathers Day

Jon woke up to a menu from the boys for breakfast... from the huge list he sensibly chose food we actually had and had Grandad Pop's honey on toast with a cup of tea, which the boys made for him.

The morning was spent with the kids on the Wii, with Jon and I watching.

At lunchtime we went for a meal at the Tuttipole, with my parents, it was a beautiful meal and was great to catch up with Norman and also had a chat with Fiona. After the meal mum and I (with our diet and fitness on the mind) walked down the the shops to buy milk with the dog rather than jump in the car... we left Dad, Jon and the kids playing on the Wii.

After a few games of bowling,then dad having a game of Tennis with a lesson from Chris first, I then attempted boxing, haven't seen dad laugh so much in ages, I wasn't that funny was I?

The evening was spent with Steve and Toni and Grandad Alan, we had again a lovely meal, shhh about the cream pudding Toni it was too nice to refuse. The kids had a great time with Jon playing bubbles in the garden.

We also posed for a few photo's the last one sent to us by Steve is nice (not sure what kind of face Rob decided to pull but going to post it anyway!)

16 June 2007

16th June - BBQ Time

After a quiet morning with the kids playing on the Wii and Jon and I just chilling out we had a fun packed afternoon/eve at Dean & Tina's

Thanx for the great BBQ both of you the food was fantastic, the kids especially liked getting lots of Watermelon quarters for pudding.

Its great getting together with friends and forgetting things, in the whole time I dont think we mentioned Brian at all... he was gone... it was a group of friends and thier children. Cheers Shelley & Andy & the boys... great fun was had by the kids considering the age range we had there it worked out brilliant. Dean sorry but you still havent converted the boys to Arsenal... they are Liverpool through and through! Least Scotty has the right idea.

The support we have from our friends helps us more than we can say Deano that email you showed me still makes me have tears welling up, I do hope you get a reply, but for even sending it I thank you so much. Wont say anymore or questions will be asked! Keep a copy so you can show it to Jon at a later date please.

15 June 2007

15th June

What a wet n drizzly day...

Our day started out with a district nurse arriving to take out Jon's pic line and she gave him a perscription for hibiscrub and some cream he needs to start using this on sunday for 5 days pre getting another hickman line, its to try to stop another infection happening. The pic line only had 2 lines, Jon will need 3 lines for the chemo he has.

I went to work and gave Jon a bit of peace, I'm pretty sure he spent it practicing on the Wii, because at lunchtime he thrashed me at golf

In the afternoon an old workmate Simon popped in for a quick cup of tea, and his dad popped round a bit after.

This eve we had a bowling tournament on the Wii, Rob is so Jammy on it, he doesn't win but hes pretty consistent at getting spares! We had a good giggle playing this, much cheaper than going out bowling! and the controller is a lot lighter than a bowling ball so no aching muscles tomorrow.

14 June 2007

14th June

A quiet day all round today, I spent the morning at work, and Jon got some peace n quiet at home with the kids also at school. He had one visitor this morning Neale Marney M.B.E (had to add that bit )This guy is amazing hes always busy helping others how he fits in being in the ambulance service I don't know.

This afternoon we popped to the garage to hand some paperwork in, and the boys went to Mo & Lisa's for tea, they went swimming and had Mo playing football, I'm sure Mo is looking a lot thinner since looking after the boys these past few weeks.

We got a phone call this eve from a nurse to inform us she would be round tomorrow morning to take out Jon's Pic line ready for a Hickman line to be put in Thurs next week, we hadn't been told any of this, seems to have been a break down of communication, hopefully the hospital will phone us tomorrow to let us know the times etc. So much for a week off.

Oh must say Thanks to Sue & Natalie who rescued Jon at the school today, we walked up to school to meet Chris but 3/4 of the way there it started to rain, we had no coats and I didn't want Jon to catch a chill so they squeezed him in their car and got him home safe and warm.

Have been challenged to another round of Golf this eve, Jon cant understand me winning 2 games yesterday must be beginners luck! (Wii golf that is not real golf).

13 June 2007

13th June

Busy morning today took the car in to have MOT, and had my eyes tested, thankfully they (my eyes) have got no worse but my glasses are a tad scratched and twisted so have got a new pair (but they don't fit as comfortably so need to take them back).. oh and the car passed the MOT.. yayyyyyyyyyyy

We had a bit of money saved up to buy some new carpet, but we kinda spent it today, we finally got the "yes" reply when we asked in the local store "do you have any Nintendo Wii?"

Its great fun, energetic but not too much exercise, talking of exercise, I did have a quick bounce on the trampoline this eve when no one was watching and Jon was on the phone so I got some real exercise but.. hes spent most of the eve on the phone. So I got plenty of practice on the Wii as well, hence I beat him at golf.. when I'm at work tomorrow am pretty sure he will be practicing for a rematch! (will hide the remotes)

Had a little scare this eve when Jon got very upset at meal time, he couldn't eat anything, he was feeling bloated and a little sick, he assures me its not my cooking personally, but felt it would upset me not to eat it. "Jon for now.. and only for now your allowed to refuse my food... in a few months your to eat it all !!!" After a short rest and plenty of fluid Jon felt better, he still didn't eat but we will try a smaller meal tomorrow. He did let on he ate a huge pasty at lunchtime while I was having my eyes tested so he has eaten today.

Rob had fun at young firefighters this eve, and is looking forward to a treat next week when they visit a different station.

12 June 2007

12th June

We spent the morning sorting out paperwork for trading in our two cars to just one car as unfortunately Jon is unable to drive for a while and its not doing either car good to just sit and not be used. Going to one car is the best option. (saves the pennies too). The local garage was great and we should get a new car within the next 2 weeks.

We had a wonderful afternoon being entertained by Enzo our youngest nephew, hes a cracker, he found our water fountain in the back garden, and realized if he stuck his thumb in the hole at the top it squirted the water in all sorts of directions. He got soaked and so did anyone else close by. Laughter is a good medicine well we certainly laughed today, thanx Sarah and Megan for popping round.

Alan came round for a while early eve while I popped out with my mum to a slimming class to give me support(hope you don't mind me mentioning that mum) I have eaten so much junk food at the hospital, have gained many many extra pounds on top of those already there. I'm not going to publish weights here but I might from time to time give the target weights I manage to lose. My first goal is to shed half a stone.. need lots of luck.

Apart from the snoring last night its great to have Jon home.

Extra - How to leave comments

I have a few people asking me how to reply or comment to the blog . I am fairly new to this myself so if this has confused you more sorry,I will ask a seasoned blogger to help.

Firstly write a note in the "leave a comment box" by clicking where it says 0 comments or 3 comments etc at the bottom of each blog.

After you've written your comments you need to choose how to sign it. there are 3 radial buttons to click.. (maybe 2 if you don't own a blog of your own)

either a "blog name" if you have one, "other" or "anonymous".

the easiest is to put a dot in "other"

Then write the name you wish to be known by either own name or a nickname in the name field (it asks for a web page you can leave this blank if u don't have one to share)

If you tick the anonymous radial button the post says "anonymous says:" so you will need to write your name at the end of your comment.

It may ask you to copy some letters and figures into a box this is just to stop people spamming the site.

Then click the orange button saying "publish your comment"

I really do hope this helps, we both really appreciate the comments.

Its great to hear from people to help Jon on his journey, on days he cant get to a pc I print them out and read them to him.

11 June 2007

11th June - Home Time

Well after waiting all day to come home... its 8.40pm and we just walked through the door, off to spend some time with Jon will blog later.

Hi back again...

Its soooooooooooooooooo great to have Jon home, the kids hugged him for ages and asked lots of questions. Its fantastic to be a happy family back home again.

The hospital has been wonderful, I know today was alot of waiting around and we did feel a bit impatient, but we knew the doctors would need to speak to Jon first and we had to wait for the 10 boxes of diff tablets to arrive to bring home. Hes going to rattle. If you see Jon over the next few days just ask him if hes taken all his tablets were neither of us very good at remembering.

The boys were really excited yesterday about Jon coming home and wanted to make him a big banner to hang outside, with only having about half an hour to make something last night with them we chose a A3 poster instead.

The poster says it all....

10 June 2007

10th June

Wooooooohooooooooo last day in hospital for a while.... Jons jumping around in his room, can't get him to sit still, weve been on a few walks today, we have got to the stage we leave a note on his door for the nurses "gone to the shops again".

Everything is still going well and on track for coming home tomorrow, hes still having a headache in the morning, but goes once he has painkillers.

I asked Jon what he wanted for his first meal at home tomorrow... almost dreaded the answer was expecting him to ask for a 3 course meal which he got used to in hospital but no.... "A toasted sandwich please" was his reply... easy... he's missed the simple pleasures.

will be making the most of last night laying diagonal across the bed, been strange having so much room and no snoring, where did I hide those ear plugs? only joking hun missing your snoring lots really I am!

Cya tomorrow xx

Extra - Homework

Just wanted to share with you a piece of homework from my eldest son...
Am unsure what the objective was but the piece had to be called

"I think, therefore I am"

I think, therefore I am a 12 year old boy that does his homework and helps his family do jobs, for example doing the washing, doing the dishwasher and getting my parents a cup of tea in the morning. I am with my mum only because my dad is in the Reading Hospital because he has Cancer, but our family has to try hard, and I always think of him. I always phone him before I go to bed for 15 min's ore more. I really miss him so much and so does my brother and my mum and so does the rest of the family. Thats all I want to say.

I have corrected the spellings but not the grammer as I wanted to show you his work as it is. It made me very emotional to read it, hope you enjoy it.

9 June 2007

9th June

Going to stop counting the days now as Jon is over this first bout of treatment apart from antiboitics still to finish off the infection he caught in his original Hickman Line.

Jon looks amazing, and the staff at the hospital have done a fantastic job, he looks like my old Jon again. We know theres more to come and "Brian" is still there but slightly smaller.

Came home with a bag full of stuff today from the room and theres still lots to take tomorrow, so much for not filling the room too much, I see what they mean by it collects up.

To phrase it as the kids have "2 more sleeps till daddy is home," they are so excited.

Been out for a few walks today the weather has been fantastic. Stayed out a little longer today to savour the fresh air, but it was actually nice to go back into the air conditioned room after, he will miss that when hes home, back to fans until the weather turns cold again.

P.S - Happy 2nd Birthday Archie (BladeRes's sons birthday today).

8 June 2007

8th June - Day 19 - Happy Birthday Mum

First before anything else Happy Birthday Mum, Hope you had a wonderful day. Jons Mum's Birthday today.

Well its a good day today, we found out Jon will be allowed home on MONDAY morning and they dont think he will have to go back into hospital for the next set of treatment until the 28th June, but we will find out the plan on Monday morning.

Jons Dad visited him this morning, and I popped in for the afternoon/Eve, Jon is no longer neutropenic so he can leave his room, so we went for a walk outside as it was such a beautiful day, he then went to the dayroom and read the blog and the TAG forum.

The kids had a surprise day out with Steve and Toni today, they all had a fantastic time on the rides at Chessington, They all went on most of the rides a couple of them were too big for Chris, Steve and Rob went on what they thought was a slow train which ended up being a megga fast roller coaster not sure who came off the ride the whitest!

Thanx Steve and Toni for giving them such a great day they still havent stopped talking about it, they especially liked the water fight when they got back to yours.

Steve and Toni also popped the boys into the hospital on thier way home to show thier dad the photos of the log flume and vampire rides. Was a very cheerful room today with lots of laughter about the day out.

Last visitor of the day was Richard (BladeRes TAG) he travelled up from London, that was lovely of you to visit. (Even if I did have to rescue you from the parking ticket :p )

All in all an exciting day for all. Lets just hope Jon keeps doing well and is allowed home Monday. fingers and toes crossed!

7 June 2007

7th June - Day 18

A very quiet day...

Jon had a very quiet day today, a small headache this morning, but a visit from the doctors who were all pleased with his progress, they have warned him that his bone marrow as well as his red blood cells will be reforming, and this may cause pain in bones and joints, and true enough this afternoon his back has started to throb, but they are great at the hospital and gave him painkillers once he admitted to them he had pain, why is it men try to pretend theres nowt wrong?

We had a visit from one of his work mates Glenn to collect his next sick certificate, he stayed for a while and we really did have a good laugh. Thanks for that. Next time we need some work gossip though! was lacking today.

Have left Jon a bit early today, as I have parents eve for our eldest son at 8.10pm, I think I'm more nervous than he is.