1 July 2009

Lost my soul mate

My appologies for not updating this page sooner..

This blog was to follow through Jon's treatment and time with his Brain tumour

on Weds 24th June 2009 Jon sadly lost this battle and passed away peacefully at home with myself and the two boys with him.

Im still a bit numb as to know what to say other than Ive lost my soul mate and a part of me is no longer around.

This was Jon on Fathers Day this year with the boys (21.6.09)

Funeral details are as follows:

Church service at St Lawrences Church Hungerford at 2.30pm on Friday 3rd July 2009 and then a service at the cremetoriam in Thatcham Berks at 4.30pm. People are welcome to both or come join the celebration of Jons life (he was too young for it to be called a wake!) at the 3 swans inn Hungerford.

Jon was 39 when he passed over, so close to us both hitting that magic 40 and life beginning again. I plan to celebrate both our birthdays in August this year.

As I have said before its not goodbye Jon its see you sometime in the future
All my love
Lizz xxx

30 March 2009

30th March 2009 - Photo Day

Today the final touches got added to the room... Oh and I should also mention that Chris Richardson Jons best mate built all the furniture for the room with a little help from myself and Jon.

Poppy offered to help but got banished to the kitchen for running off with the instructions.

A ribbon is put across ready for Jon to cut for the local newpaper photo

The finished room... Hope going through the photos you havent fallen asleep... Jon and I really cannot thank the firebrigade and everyone else involved in making life easier for Jon as his mobility is decreasing this is going to be such a fantastic help to us. Its more than we could ever dreamed for... just shows joking that I will put a bed in the garge for Jon really does come true lol!

17 March 2009

17.03.09 - Family Box and Massage

Jon has been working on making a family memory box in his Day Therapy sessions...

We recently started filling it with index cards with diff memories of events... birthdays... things the kids have said n done etc..

Its been great fun to make and Jon and I would recommend every family make something, even if you dont have someone ill to need to make one.. dont lose the memories.. they are something precious that can be passed down generations.

Heres a sample of ours :

Oh and today Jon and I had the second of our lovely aromatherapy massages at Deanwood Golf Course.. have been floating all afternoon, so relaxed...
Then I get to stand and watch football training for a few hours in the freezing cold evening... oh well was lovely while it lasted.

Hope your all keeping well.. keep safe and well xxx

ps.. no news on when the bed or wardrobe arrive.. were so keen to get moved into the new room, Rob is going to be camping in it this weekend on a blow up bed when Jon's mum comes to stay for mothers day weekend.

13 March 2009

13.03.09 Red Nose Day & Day 15 - Carpet

Happy Comic Relief "Red Nose Day"

Just to embarress myself and raise a bit of money for charity I paid to have a digital red nose put on my photo..

Anyway back to the room.... Its pretty much finished now.. "May Flooring" saw our story in the NWN and contacted us. They have fitted a carpet for free.. fantastic guys!Thank you so much.

We thought it would be the puppy who Christened the carpet but alas she was beaten to it by Paul W lol... who didnt realize he had mud on his shoes .. the marks have all gone now Paul!

Now we are just going to order some bedroom furniture from Argos and wait for the bed to arrive then we will be all moved in!

Oh and a awwwww moment... caught the dogs well and truly snuggled up today...

10 March 2009

10.03.09 New Room Day 14

I cant believe that 14 counted days of work... and the room is pretty much finished...

Just a last few finishing touches needed.. and get the bed n stuff and we move in...

Today saw the return of Paul Scarlett the Decorater.... he recoated the walls and did the glossing.

In the Eve Warren and Chris popped in to put a base on the floor gap between the old and new room, and put the radiator back on the wall.

9 March 2009

09.03.09 New Room Day 13

Painting day today... thankfully Jon and I stayed right out of the way...

While we popped Gemma to Swindon to be stripped.... Paul Scarlett,and Tim Cooper a firefighter Jon worked with from AWE came along from Basingstoke with his wife Lynn to paint the room.

We found out that it was Lynn's Birthday today... so we got her a little birthday cake to say Thankyou for coming along and working on her birthday. Lynn was Puppy sitting and cleaned up the room and cleaned the windows... I will be walking into them they sparkle so much!

More painting tomorrow... off to pick up Gemma in a bit... wonder what she looks like?

7 March 2009

07.03.09 New Room Day 12

Well I thought today was just paperwork for Jon and housework... but Paul and Michelle had other plans... They turned up armed with paint brushes and rollers and that lovely white stuff that I work so neatly with (not!)

We had a fun few hours giving the plaster a whitewash...

Michelle got Paul organised and the fun began...

Even Chris got a paintbrush given to him.... (Rob was out working with his Uncle Steve)

Lesson from Dad how to paint and not to watch how Mum does it...

Michelle showing Paul what she thinks of his painting technique..

hard at work..

Now this is my usual way to paint.. making as much mess as possible.. but who let the bird in the room..?

I think they gave me the ceilings to do on purpose... I did have a shower cap on until the threat of a camera was given me... (Paul if u post that pic will be speaking to your mum for some bad pics!)

This eve Graham popped in with his daughter Chloe to make a start on the skirting boards...

Graham then said I hadnt caught his best side.. and that his builders bum wasnt showing..I was a bit quicker on the camera than he expected lol..

Have sensored it to spare Chloe's blushes... we were all laughing so much work stopped for a bit! sorry Graham I couldnt resist.. forgive me!

The room so far...

Thanx everyone