17 March 2009

17.03.09 - Family Box and Massage

Jon has been working on making a family memory box in his Day Therapy sessions...

We recently started filling it with index cards with diff memories of events... birthdays... things the kids have said n done etc..

Its been great fun to make and Jon and I would recommend every family make something, even if you dont have someone ill to need to make one.. dont lose the memories.. they are something precious that can be passed down generations.

Heres a sample of ours :

Oh and today Jon and I had the second of our lovely aromatherapy massages at Deanwood Golf Course.. have been floating all afternoon, so relaxed...
Then I get to stand and watch football training for a few hours in the freezing cold evening... oh well was lovely while it lasted.

Hope your all keeping well.. keep safe and well xxx

ps.. no news on when the bed or wardrobe arrive.. were so keen to get moved into the new room, Rob is going to be camping in it this weekend on a blow up bed when Jon's mum comes to stay for mothers day weekend.

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