13 March 2009

13.03.09 Red Nose Day & Day 15 - Carpet

Happy Comic Relief "Red Nose Day"

Just to embarress myself and raise a bit of money for charity I paid to have a digital red nose put on my photo..

Anyway back to the room.... Its pretty much finished now.. "May Flooring" saw our story in the NWN and contacted us. They have fitted a carpet for free.. fantastic guys!Thank you so much.

We thought it would be the puppy who Christened the carpet but alas she was beaten to it by Paul W lol... who didnt realize he had mud on his shoes .. the marks have all gone now Paul!

Now we are just going to order some bedroom furniture from Argos and wait for the bed to arrive then we will be all moved in!

Oh and a awwwww moment... caught the dogs well and truly snuggled up today...


Paul Whiting said...

I would like to say a huge thank you to all who have helped me help a friend and family in need. This is a shinning example of the people who are still out there in the time of need. its been a pleasure to sort this project and an amazing eye opener that when we do ask people come out of the woodwork and help each other. Thank you all so much for your time and resources. to many to mention but the paper will help us do that. a few small bits to sort but the job is about done!!!

Hayley said...

It looks SO good Lizz - everyone has done such a great job :)
Love Hayley xxx

Venus TAG said...

Thanx Paul for all you have done.. looking forward to the furniture getting in and then we can have a party!
Cheers Hayley... the lads have worked really hard for us.