30 March 2009

30th March 2009 - Photo Day

Today the final touches got added to the room... Oh and I should also mention that Chris Richardson Jons best mate built all the furniture for the room with a little help from myself and Jon.

Poppy offered to help but got banished to the kitchen for running off with the instructions.

A ribbon is put across ready for Jon to cut for the local newpaper photo

The finished room... Hope going through the photos you havent fallen asleep... Jon and I really cannot thank the firebrigade and everyone else involved in making life easier for Jon as his mobility is decreasing this is going to be such a fantastic help to us. Its more than we could ever dreamed for... just shows joking that I will put a bed in the garge for Jon really does come true lol!


diator said...

Wow looks fantastic guys, really really nice job, looking at the pictures I get a real sense of calm, you have some good friends.

diator said...

Whoops this Doggie forgot to change my ID

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic, great job. Well done to everyone involved.
Lots of love
Liz and family