22 April 2008

22nd April 2008

Ouch!... there must be easier ways to lose weight than by giving a pint of blood away but hopefully it will have worked and I will be a little lighter for diet club this eve.

I gave blood today with Chris watching me, not that he watched much he was more interested in his DS game, he did go yuck when the lady showed him the bag of blood at the end, but was very pleased to get a chocolate biscuit and drink at the end of the session with me. Hes going to think about giving blood when hes older.... hes got a good few years to decide on that one anyhow.

I was told some platelets get taken from my blood today and pooled into a dontation. I have asked about platelets but would need to goto Oxford regularly to give them (8-10 times a year). This is maybe a bit far so I will just continue to give blood whenever I get chance locally.

20 April 2008

19th April 2008 - Happy Birthday

Happy 70th Birthday Dad

Hope you enjoyed the party at Bob's yesterday, we certainly did, the kids are now hooked on the pool game on the wii that they were shown.

I'm really glad you enjoyed the Birthday cake will bring over the paper copy for you sometime soon.
(The cake topper was a design I made and was printed for me onto fondant icing so the whole thing was edible)

7 April 2008

7th April 2008

Survived day one of the school holidays...

Kids went to a football camp from 10am-2pm.... Jon and I went to the hospital for his treatment and then food shopping.... nothing exciting really.. but kinda nice to go into town without kids.

Looking forward to the next few peaceful days while they are out playing football.. will be one down on Thurs due to staying at a friends house (birthday/sleepover).... Prob go swimming on Fri..

Will wait and see what the week throws at me... right back to watching tv!

4 April 2008

4th April 2008 - Teenager alert!

We now have a teenager in the house... it will never be the same again lol....

Happy 13th Birthday Robert... enjoy your HALF day at school

2 April 2008

2nd April 2008 - Race for Life

Finally today I sorted out my application to Race for Life, I have also entered my mum and her friend Anne too.

We aim to raise £100 each doing the Race for Life in Newbury on Sun 6th July (I do only plan to walk though)

I have created an online page for sponsership's or you can contact me by phone and I will put you on a written form.

the page is found at :


or you can use the small donation (wigit) they call it on the right hand side of the blog.

I know money is always being asked for all the time, but I personally want to say Thank you to this charity for helping Jon through his times with Cancer.