30 September 2008

Rough day - 30th September 2008

Today our world really has shattered!

Jons been getting symptoms back over the past few weeks, we tried to ignore them but we both knew what was around the corner.

Jons Cancer has returned and we spent this morning at hospital visiting the consultant.

Jon has been told there isnt anymore treatment that can be done as he already has had the maximum dosage of both Chemo and Radiotherapy. At the minute were feeling really numb but Jons coping fantastically.

We have told the boys that he doesnt have to go to hospital anymore and cant be made better. We have left it at that, they dont need to know too much yet.

I know its hard to know what to say to Jon or myself but just knowing family and friends are there and being as normal as possible around us both would help us get through this time.

7 September 2008

Sat 6th September - Portraits

Went to a party on Sat night... a guy there was drawing charactertures... I was his first victim.. Jon had his done a little while later after a lot of nagging from me.. see what u think!...

The guy asked our jobs and hobbies... I didnt get to say anything Jon said "oh she lives on her pc playing guild wars!"... nothing further to add bleh

In return.. I said that Jon's a firefighter and the usual jokes went round the table about hoses etc..

Some of the shading hasnt been picked up by the scanner but I think they are great fun!