29 December 2008

Lapland 2008

Many thanks are needed from us to all the people who made our trip to Lapland possible... I know the guys at Hungerford firestation organised it but many more from other stations have helped out too.

Jon coped really well with the trip and most of the activities and was sensible when he was tired to go back to the cabin and leave me running around out in the cold with the kids!

Here are a few photos.. well loads of pics hope you dont fall asleep looking through them! lol.

Jons special ticket!

The boys by the hotels Ice sign.

Jon and I rest by the ice sign.

Our Cabin.

Relaxing by the fire. (and smoke!)

A group photo. The Thermal suits and boots were part of the package deal. They certainly helped to keep us warm!

The journey too and from Santa's cabin was by reindeer.

We get to meet Santa.

The schools letter to Santa.

The boys help Mrs Claus make crackers.

The sunsets were beautiful.

A close up of snow on a branch.

Me attempting to not fall of a sledge. (I did many times)

The kids racing and nearly hitting the camera lady (me!)

Chris and I did an hours walk on Christmas day in snow shoes in the woods.

Family game of hockey, the kids won.

The boys make snow angels.

They worked well in the deep snow

Inside the igloo bar.

A view of the igloo from outside.

One of the many ice sculptures.

Making and decorating of the gingerbread house.

We won the competition out of all the families there.

Jon and the boys on the border bridge in Sweden.

We enjoyed the walk into Sweden.

Rob found the deepest snow!

Jons snowmobile ride, he loved it.

Lizz snowmobile ride, (I hated it)

The boys went round on a mini snowmobile track

nearly there not many photos left now ....

We had an extra trip Ice fishing on a pitch black frozen lake.

Sadly no fish were caught!

The boys tried out ice skating and did really well.

Thawing out by the fire next to the ice rink.

The highlight of our trip for me was the husky sled ride.. they were so friendly and loved the fuss and attention afterwards.

The boys were in a sled with deep sides to it driven by one of the staff. (sorry didnt get a photo)

We hope you enjoyed looking at the photos... Jons cancer has certainly changed our families way of thinking... "life is an adventure"... well Lapland sure was !!!!

Thank you everyone who made it possible.

13 December 2008

Meal 12th Dec 08

Thank you for the invite to the meal at the Halfway Sarah.. Jon and I had a fantastic evening... lots of laughter.

Didnt take too many pics as I was too busy laughing and nattering.

7 December 2008

5th - 7th Dec = Busy Weekend

Well weve had a pretty hectic weekend..

Fri Night we were invited to Kerry, Rikki and Abbies Birthday party... Jon stayed for a while... and Chris and I stayed till they packed away the music cause we just wanted to keep on dancing! (got home about 11.30pm)

Sat morning ... Chris went to a bowling birthday party... he had a great time.

Sat afternoon... Rob went on a young firefighters trip to a scouting centre... were they had a go at high ropes and archery.

Then in the evening we went to a wedding reception... congratulations to Gemma and Michael on their wedding day!.. (I used to babysit Gemma when she was a little lass she then ended up being our babysitter in return.. now shes married.. time flys!)

Sunday we spent the day decorating the house and putting up Christmas trees.