24 February 2009

24.2.09 New Room day 6

Yet another Busy day on the garage/bedroom project...

Its pretty hard to call it a garage now... its starting to look like a new room.

1st to arrive today was Jason the window fitter... he did a great job with Warrens help to fit the new doors. These are going to let in so much daylight!

The skip arrived today and Jon and I finally managed to clear away the rubble pile that had built up, (I was worried that neighbours would start to complain)... it was tougher than a work out at the gym lol.

This eve Warren, Chris and Paul really cracked on and got the walls plasterboarded and the ceiling...

just waiting for friday now to get some plaster on all the walls.

It's less than a week since these guys started this project and it looks fantastic already.. great work.. thank you.

23 February 2009

23.2.09 New Room Day 5

Today was Electrics!

Had two really hard working chaps from Lewis Electricals work all day today on fixing in a new fuse board and putting the wiring in for the sockets and lights..

Brilliant job guys.

21 February 2009

20/21st Feb 09 New Room day 3 & 4

OOooops after a long day out yesterday in London I didnt get to take any photos of the progress as it was dark when we got home.

Thanks Chris, Mike and Graham for doing more to the inside of the room.

Today we had a quiet morning playing with Gemma and Poppy, Nick Waite arrived this morning to give a helping hand, but is going to come back another day as I didnt realize the work was happening later today... thanx Nick.. In the afternoon Chris and Warren cracked on today and have finished the dividing wall between the bedroom and Jon's workshop, and have made the walls even thicker insulated.

Just waiting now for the building inspector next week to allow the rest of the work to go ahead.

hmmmm couldnt quite read the number on back of the T-shirt lol... if you need a hard grafter for some work check this number out..

Kids thought we had a new door... but alas its the old one just needs cleaning! Job for the kids tommorrow.

20th Feb 09 - London Trip

Hi will edit this later... with photos of our London trip

19 February 2009

19th Feb 09 - New Room Day 2

(Again I try my best big brother impression .... "Day 2 of the new bedroom build!" )

Paul, Graham and Mike worked on the floor this morning... looking great guys!

We then had more troops arrive for a quick photoshoot...(for the NWN)

Then work started again... Paul, Chris, Mike & Graham got to work moving things around for the next section to started.

Paul being in charge of the job tends to spend a lot of time on the phone sorting stuff out and "not getting his hands dirty".. as the others put it... well I caught him helping out... (u can pay me for this photo later Paul!)

Next Paul Court from Ramsbury Fire Service (Wiltshire) came with his Father to do the chippying part of the job with the help from some of the Hungerford crew.

and of more work was done to the end wall too...

Yet another busy day.... these guys are fantastic!

18 February 2009

18th Feb 09 - New Bedroom Day 1

Well it all started today... the new room finally got underway.... The local firebrigade and other local companies have been fantastic donating time and manpower and discounted products to change our garage into a downstairs room for Jon.

(In a big brother voice: "Day 1 of the Barrett New room project")

Heres the before photos:

Then the electricians arrived:

Then the builder and a few firefighter helpers:

The garage was no longer looking like our old garage... todays progress:

Then the bricklaying started... Jon and Rob got to lay the first bricks.

Then typical workmen style.. one working and 5 looking on lol:

16 February 2009

15th February 2009 -

Firstly Happy Birthday Nay!

Nay is my neice and does a wonderful job of looking after the house and dog whenever we go away... oops that will be dogs now.. (hope your ready for that Nay!)

We took Alan and Margaret for a wonderful meal at the Halfway pub, We couldnt fault it at all.. everyone thoroughly enjoyed their food and the bill was very good too.

So after food shopping all that was left of today was to sit and play with the dogs... and play... and play some more... how time flies when your having fun.

We have to go back to the drawing board on the toileting habits of puppies but as for Gemma and Poppy together its been another fantastic day.

Here they are at the end of a long day of play

14 February 2009

Happy Valentines Day !!

Trying to think outside the box this year... Jon and I decided on a different Valentines gift to each other...

Meet Poppy...

Gemma is already acting like a foster mum/ Play buddy.

We were going with the flower theme for a name... we thought about Rosie (Rose) but our friends dog has that name.... so we went with Poppy instead...

Im still loving her lots even if she did wake me up at 3.30am... am so glad I have now given up work its going to be like having a baby at home again.

heres a few more pics to make u go ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol

5 February 2009

Snowday 5th Feb 09

Schools closed for the day... all thats left is fun in the snow!

Liverpool Fan Snowman

A walk over the common

Great fun was had by all!