28 May 2008

28th May 2008

Appointment today with consultant re : radiotherapy treatment

Today we met Dr De Silver and Emma from Adelaide Ward

They checked Jon over and have basically said "you are free to get on with rest of your life", they cant actually say Jon's cancer free but as no symptoms are showing, we count that as the cancer gone, with no headaches and the fact he was able to come off the steroids is also a positive.

So fingers crossed that this is the final time we mention Cancer on this blog.

So raise a glass or a cuppa tea to Jon on getting through this a second time... Well done Jon.. we knew you could do it!

28th May 2008 - New Hair

Mum treated me to a new hairdo today "Thanks Mum !!"

Thought it would be fun to show a before and after pic..... even though I'm embarrassed how bad it had got... hopefully you can see the improvement.

The back

The front

and now the transformation that Hannah did...

The back

The front (pic at shop didn't come out I blinked.. so Rob took this one at home for me)

Hopefully I can keep it looking this good, I love having my hair done at Roberta's I always feel so relaxed when I get home. Roll on next school holidays... maybe I will go reds and golds next time.

9 May 2008

9th May 08 - Were Back!

Hi everyone.. were back... we took a the family for a quick break away to Harcombe House the Firefighters Charity recuperation Center. It was a bit last minute so didnt get to warn too many people..

Anyway we went last Sat (3rd May) and the weather was great for us.. we visited Exeter and Paignton , the kids got to swim (paddle actually as it was freezing) in the sea.

Ive gathered a few photos here hopefully they have come out ok.... I know the TAG guys have wonderful shots with their super technical cameras and special lenses.. alas these are just taken with a Kodak point and click lol but hopefully they are clear enough... my favourite is of the seagull close up.. shows the blue cloudless sky we had that day.

Exeter Cathedral... the detail of the stonework was amazing

Close up

Paignton Sea front.. the reddish copper colour of the sand was beautiful.

A point and click of seagulls in the distance.

My favourite nature pic.... looks very regal!

After one of the country walks at Harcombe... we take a much needed break!

This was quite a distance shot had to zoom lots to get it close enough.. its a tad blurry but was lovely to see the family swimming on the lake.

The sound from this waterfall was so peaceful yet loud.