10 September 2007

9th September - BBQ

After a celebration drink last night at our place with Dean and Tina and Holly the buck was passed to Deano and Tina, who put on one of their totally manic but great fun BBQ's, We took Gemma along too this time, she and Oscar are great together they just chased and chased, I know Gemma slept most of Monday to recover.

After the food, the boys played football, (at some points running around and rugby tackling each other), but a lot of laughter was had by all,

Us girls were much more civilized and just all went on the trampoline at the same time, again to the tune of a great deal of laughter.

It was fantastic to be having a fun day out as a family without any worries, without thinking Jon should be indoors, he shouldn't be playing football, he shouldn't be this or that... to see him and the boys chasing about together again is a dream come true.

Thanx Dean Tina for putting on a great spread of food, also thanx Scott and Holly for helping entertain the boys. Chris is already trying to work out the somersaults you tried to teach him.

Dean sent me about 40 photo's of the day, had I know a camera was about I would have done me hair :p

a few pics...

Gemma kept running off with the football

The boys posing for end of game photo

Gemma and Oscar proving they can sit still!

4 September 2007

4th September - A day to remember

Hello everyone... today is a day that Jon and I will remember for years...

We found out today that Jon is in Remission... his cancer and tumor have both totally gone and the last scan showed no abnormal cells at all..

This journey for now has come to an end.. I don't think we have stopped grinning and crying all day.

I would like to really really thank everyone involved in Jon's treatment and all the people who have supported Jon and myself throughout this journey, we could not have made it through on our own.

I'm pretty sure he had been put on over 20 prayer circles and lots and lots of people have prayed for his good health. (it worked ! )

We will be arranging at some point a BBQ/Party for people to come along and celebrate his good news. For now he needs to take it easy for at least the next 3 months and build his strength back up.

I will keep the website open, I have also made a paper copy of the blog to keep as a memento of our journey and the support you all gave us. I might even write on it again about future family events and days out.

Jon now just needs a blood test each month for two months and another blood test and consultation in November.

So if you have a glass (or cup of tea handy) raise a toast to say THANK YOU to all the staff at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, and to Jon himself on being so positive throughout his treatment... well done !!!!!