9 March 2009

09.03.09 New Room Day 13

Painting day today... thankfully Jon and I stayed right out of the way...

While we popped Gemma to Swindon to be stripped.... Paul Scarlett,and Tim Cooper a firefighter Jon worked with from AWE came along from Basingstoke with his wife Lynn to paint the room.

We found out that it was Lynn's Birthday today... so we got her a little birthday cake to say Thankyou for coming along and working on her birthday. Lynn was Puppy sitting and cleaned up the room and cleaned the windows... I will be walking into them they sparkle so much!

More painting tomorrow... off to pick up Gemma in a bit... wonder what she looks like?

1 comment:

jools said...

WOW Its looking like your almost finished !! Looking great everyone has done a good job :o) Jools xx